Merchant Services Companies in VT

Vermont Merchant Services
Merchant Services companies in Vermont are the unsung heroes ensuring seamless financial transactions for businesses.

We’ll manage essential tasks like credit card payment processing, so businesses of all sizes can concentrate on what truly matters:

Serving their customers.
  • ✅ Save on avg. 15-20% on credit card processing fees
  • ✅ Save 15-20% on software fees
  • ✅ Consolidated platform built by restaurant owners specifically for restaurants

What Makes Katalyst OS Different?

With so many Point of Sale (POS) systems to choose from, why should Vermont business owners select Katalyst POS for their merchant services? While we could go on all day about what makes our systems exceptional compared to other sale systems, here are some standout features of our Vermont merchant services.
Katalyst OS
Cloud Point of Sale
Payment Processing
Waitlist & Table Management
Loyalty Program
Gift Card Program
Kitchen Display System
QR code order & pay at table
Online Ordering
Dual Pricing Capable
Branded Mobile App
Self Order Kiosk
Open API
Need more details on our processing solutions? We got you covered:
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Katalyst Payment Solution and Credit Card Processing

Step forward into the future of payments—where efficiency intersects with savings, and every transaction enhances your bottom line.

Katalyst Payment Solution supports all major credit and debit cards, and seamlessly integrates payments into our comprehensive POS system. This state-of-the-art feature not only guarantees smooth transactions but also enables restaurant owners to save thousands through optimized financial processes.

Say goodbye to payment complexities and welcome streamlined efficiency and convenience with Katalyst integrated into your POS system. Katalyst Payment Solution ensures secure, hassle-free experiences for card payments and mobile wallets, while providing real-time tracking and intuitive interfaces to uncover savings opportunities.
Experience firsthand how our credit card processor and payment solution can transform your financial operations. Tailored to tackle the unique challenges faced by Vermont restaurant owners, Katalyst goes beyond credit card processing and empowers you to save substantial amounts of money by streamlining payment processes through your merchant account, and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Flex POS System That Supports all Payment Types

Meet the Ultimate Flex POS – the cornerstone of Katalyst POS's adaptability tailored for restaurants. Engineered to meet the unique needs of restaurant operations, this feature-rich solution redefines the dining experience with its remarkable customizability. With an intuitive interface and comprehensive customization options, Ultimate Flex POS effortlessly molds to fit specific restaurant workflows within your merchant account. Its adaptive nature extends to intuitive design, empowering restaurant staff to excel without extensive training. Say goodbye to operational bottlenecks and hello to a streamlined, user-friendly dining experience.

Unlike other credit card processors, Katalyst isn't just a tool for accepting credit cards – it's your restaurant's strategic advantage that helps you save money in a fiercely competitive market.

Katalyst Kitchen Display System

Experience the next level of efficient kitchen operations with the Katalyst Kitchen Display System

This innovative solution is integrated into our advanced POS system and revolutionizes restaurant workflows by replacing traditional paper tickets with a digital display that meticulously organizes orders, modifications, and timing. Designed to align with your current POS infrastructure, the system enhances order accuracy and communication between the front and back of the house. By providing real-time updates and a user-friendly interface, it optimizes your kitchen staff's performance, boosting both speed and precision. Utilize this technology to minimize errors, streamline preparation, and elevate dish quality, ensuring each order is crafted to perfection.

Katalyst Native Gift Card and Loyalty System

Enhance customer engagement and drive business growth with the Katalyst Native Gift Card and Loyalty System.

This powerful feature elevates customer experiences while boosting loyalty and revenue. By integrating the Katalyst Native Gift Card System, you can simplify gift card management and redemption, offering customers a convenient way to share your establishment with their loved ones. Real-time tracking and user-friendly interfaces ensure smooth operations for both you and your patrons. 
Additionally, our Native Loyalty Program turns new customers and casual customers into dedicated diners by rewarding loyalty, collecting valuable insights, and fostering lasting relationships. Integrated withyour POS system, it transforms every purchase into a step towards rewards, creating a cycle of engagement that benefits both your business and your customers.

Katalyst Online Ordering

Experience the convenience of modern dining and digital payments with the Katalyst Online Ordering Solution. 

This cutting-edge feature enables restaurants to provide an effortless online ordering experience, allowing customers to place orders easily from their devices. Whether it's for takeout or delivery, the user-friendly platform ensures efficient operations with real-time updates and intuitive interfaces for both staff and customers. Adopting this technology helps restaurants simplify the ordering process, improve customer engagement, and increase loyalty, creating new opportunities for growth and stronger connections with patrons.

24/7 Expert Support

Our dedicated team of experts will support and assist you every step of the way, from your first contact through installation and beyond. We’ll assist you with merchant account setup and onboarding, train your staff to effectively use Katalyst technology, and manage all device installations. Although we are certain you'll find our POS system easy to navigate, our 24/7 Support Team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

What Makes Katalyst OS Different?

“Wait… I can see what is going on without being there?”

Copper Door Restaurant

Corporate Office

10 locations

“Katalyst is a diamond in the rough. All these companies come in and tell you what they are going to do and never do it. Katalyst sets your expectations correctly and follows through.”

restaurant logo

Restaurant owner

6 locations

“The analysis Katalyst provided me literally saved me thousands of dollars and I would have never noticed any of it unless the team at Katalyst brought it to my attention”


Marc Olivadesa

General Manager

Restaurant Solutions

Katalyst POS integrates effortlessly into any type of dining establishment, whether it's a high-end restaurant or a casual food truck. But our capabilities extend beyond food service – any hospitality business can take advantage of the efficiency and strength of our Flex POS system. Consider us the service industry's ultimate support team.

Credit Card & Payment Processing

You entered the restaurant business because of your passion for food, not for dealing with credit card payments or operating the cash register. Let us take care of the mundane tasks, allowing you to concentrate on your culinary creations and focus on providing an exceptional guest experience.
Our POS system securely handles all digital transactions, whether debit or credit, ensuring safety and peace of mind for both you and your customers.


What are merchant services?

“Merchant services” refers to the financial services that allow businesses to accept payments and process payments from customers. This includes debit card and credit card transactions, along with all other forms of electronic payment. Whether you’re a small business of 5 or corporation 500, merchant services are essential for ensuring a smooth, secure transaction.

What are merchant service examples?

We might be partial, but we believe Katalyst exemplifies a top-tier provider in the merchant services industry. Our technology goes beyond processing credit card payments; it also supports online ordering, reservation management, data handling, and various other business solutions.

What are the hardware costs?

The price depends on the features and add-ons you choose. Hardware starts at $650 per station and $820+ for each handheld device. We have no hidden fees or cancellation charges and provide monthly financing options that allow you to tailor payment plans to suit your business requirements.

Are there monthly Service Costs?

Our monthly service fees start at $70+ per station or handheld device. This fee guarantees that your technology remains current, ensuring your business operates seamlessly.

Areas We Serve Around Vermont

We offer a number of services for merchants in the entire state of VT. Here are a few of the larger areas we service:
South Burlington
Essex Junction
St. Albans
St. Johnsbury
White River Junction