Merchant Services Massachusetts

Massachusetts Merchant Services
Merchant Services companies in Massachusetts are the wizards behind the curtain making sure that other companies’ financial transactions are hassle-free.

Let us  take care of business essentials like credit card payment processing, freeing up businesses of all sizes to concentrate on what truly matters: serving the customer.
  • ✅ Save on avg. 15-20% on credit card processing fees
  • ✅ Save 15-20% on software fees
  • ✅ Consolidated platform built by restaurant owners specifically for restaurants

What Makes Katalyst OS Different?

There are countless Point of Sale (POS) systems out there – why should you choose our company, Katalyst POS, as your merchant services company? We can’t list all the things that make our merchant account systems special (seriously, we’d be here all day), but let’s run through some highlights. 
Katalyst OS
Cloud Point of Sale
Payment Processing
Waitlist & Table Management
Loyalty Program
Gift Card Program
Kitchen Display System
QR code order & pay at table
Online Ordering
Dual Pricing Capable
Branded Mobile App
Self Order Kiosk
Open API
Need more details on our processing solutions? We got you covered:
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Pay Any Way

When you use Katalyst Payments, your small business gets much more than a run-of-the-mill virtual terminal. Choose between chip, tap-to-pay, QR code order and pay, self-order kiosks, or utilize all of the above.
Plus, with our built-in Loyalty Program, customers earn points and loyalty dollars on spend, which can be applied as payment.

Own Your Data

Have you ever wished you could get inside your customers’ heads with analytics and reporting? Want the knowledge of how, when, and where they like their food? From the moment you start using Katalyst POS, guest information and preferences are stored for future use. Access, customize, and export customer data to send customized marketing campaigns, forecast demand, and engage with guests.

Kitchen Display

As a restaurant owner, you know the kitchen is the heart and soul of your business. You also know that tickets can get backed up pretty quickly. Our Kitchen Display System provides insight to your Heart of House staff by updating them with real-time orders, straight from guests' fingertips to your chef’s eyeballs. This fan-favorite feature boosts efficiency, quality, and consistency while minimizing costly errors.

Online Ordering & In-House Catering

Gone are the days of delivery app price-gouging. By cutting out the middleman (re: third-party online ordering and delivery apps), Katalyst will save money, time, and effort for your business and your customers alike. Our online ordering system (included with platform) allows guests to order pickup or large-party catering directly from the restaurant.
Our platform also offers a restaurant app builder that custom brands to your restaurant’s look and feel.

Built-In Hosting

Hosts are traditionally in charge of table management, reservations, and waitlists. There’s no need to worry about these tasks with us – Katalyst has the ability to make reservations, manage tables, and start waitlists.

Continuous Support

Our dedicated team of professionals will be by your side to ensure success from first contact to installation and beyond. We’ll walk you through the setup and onboarding process, train your team to use Katalyst technology, and install all devices. We have no doubt you’ll be a natural navigating our user-friendly POS, but if you ever have any questions, contact our 24/7 Support Team.

What Makes Katalyst OS Different?

“Wait… I can see what is going on without being there?”

Copper Door Restaurant

Corporate Office

10 Restaurants

“Katalyst is a diamond in the rough. All these companies come in and tell you what they are going to do and never do it. Katalyst sets your expectations correctly and follows through.”

restaurant logo

Restaurant owner

6 Locations

“The analysis Katalyst provided me literally saved me thousands of dollars and I would have never noticed any of it unless the team at Katalyst brought it to my attention”


Marc Olivadesa

General Manager

Restaurant Solutions

Katalyst POS seamlessly fits into any and all dining businesses, from the fanciest of full-service restaurants to the most laid-back of food trucks. We do a lot more than food, though – any business in the hospitality industry will benefit from our efficient and powerful Flex POS. Think of us as the servers of the service industry.

Credit Card & Payment Processing

You got into the restaurant business because you love food, not because you love credit card processing payments or manning the register. Allow us to handle the not-so-fun side of things so that you can focus on food and guest experience.
Our POS system processes all digital transactions, whether debit or credit, in a safe, secure manner, providing peace of mind for both merchants and clients.


What are merchant services?

“Merchant services” refers to the financial services that allow businesses to accept payments and process payments from customers. This includes debit card and credit card transactions, along with all other forms of electronic payment. Whether you’re a small business of 5 or corporation 500, merchant services are essential for ensuring a smooth, secure transaction.

What are merchant service examples?

We’re a little biased, but we think Katalyst is the perfect example of a leading provider in the merchant services business. Our technology not only accepts credit card payments, it also allows for services like online ordering, reservation creation, data management, and other business solutions.

What are the hardware costs?

The cost varies depending on features and add-ons. Hardware costs begin at $650 per station, with handheld devices available. We have zero hidden fees or cancellation fees and offer monthly financing, so payment plans can be customized to fit business needs.

Are there monthly Service Costs?

Yes. Our monthly service fees begin at $70+ per station or handheld device. Paying this fee ensures up-to-date technology that will keep your business running smoothly.

Areas We Serve Around Massachusetts

We offer a number of services for merchants in the entire state of MA. Here are a few of the larger areas we service:
New Bedford
Fall River