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Maine Merchant Services
Merchant Services companies in Maine are the backbone behind ensuring that other companies’ financial transactions are executed smoothly. They help facilitate the process in ensuring a transaction can take place with the confidence it will go through correctly.

With increasing usage of credit cards and a drastic reduction of cash, monitoring your credit card processing rates is more important than ever before!
  • ✅ Save on avg. 15-20% on credit card processing fees
  • ✅ Save 15-20% on software fees
  • ✅ Consolidated platform built by restaurant owners specifically for restaurants

What Makes Katalyst OS Different From Other Merchant Services?

The POS system market is vast, but what sets Katalyst OS apart from other merchant services is the many key functions it includes over the competition. Don’t believe us? Take a look and compare our point of sale services against leading restaurant POS systems in the food space.

From credit card processing to customer satisfaction metrics, and anything in between. It’s all integrated within your merchant account with no hidden additional fees or payments.

Looking for specifics? Here’s how Katalyst OS compares to other POS systems and merchant services in the industry:
Katalyst OS
Cloud Point of Sale
Payment Processing
Waitlist & Table Management
Loyalty Program
Gift Card Program
Kitchen Display System
QR code order & pay at table
Online Ordering
Dual Pricing Capable
Branded Mobile App
Self Order Kiosk
Open API
Need more details on our processing solutions? We got you covered:
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Flex POS - We’re Not Just a Credit Card Processing Company

Katalyst’s Flex POS is an agile and highly customizable POS system that enables you to accept credit cards, but also streamlines tasks and creates immense efficiency for your team. We understand the specific needs of merchants, and we integrate them within their own merchant account as needed. Chances are your business needs to accept payments from debit cards, but also the occasional mobile device or credit card. You also might want to take your business online and integrate your website within your merchant account. 
The agility our Flex POS offers takes away the hassle of processing payments, letting your team streamline operations and do their best work with minimal barriers.

Maine Payment and Credit Card Services

Katalyst Payments is a feature of Katalyst OS that allows you to receive customer payments in the way most convenient for them. Chip, tap, slide, self-order kiosks, and QR codes are all of the ways customers can pay through the Katalyst system.  

Create the need for your guests to return with our built-in Loyalty Program. Customers earn points and loyalty dollars on spending, which can be applied as payment as they continue to visit your restaurant.

Streamline Kitchen Activities

A POS system for processing payments often connects to a KDS (kitchen display screen). The KDS’ cutting-edge technology conveys orders from the waitstaff to the kitchen. Furthermore, our system can communicate order modifiers, minimize errors, and ensure accuracy for all customer orders.

Online Ordering & Built-in Catering

A key business channel for restaurants is online, and the Katalyst Online Ordering System is the essential tool for capturing orders and executing them properly. Order updates, order communication, and much more are offered in our online ordering system. With kitchen success in mind, our online ordering system directs orders straight to the kitchen in an organized and concise presentation.
Our platform also offers a restaurant app builder that custom brands to your restaurant’s look and feel.

Bes Loyalty Program in the Biz...

Loyalty is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to building out a restaurant customer base. Our Gift Card & Loyalty features entice customers to want more by pairing great products with incentives and loyalty programs. By collecting insights from repeat customers, you can foster relationships and create a community of followers who come back time and time again.

24/7 Overwhelming Support

We get it; restaurants are always busy. Sometimes, the worst issues happen on off-hours, such as weekends or late nights. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to ensure your Katalyst POS System is always running.

What Merchant Services Customers Are Saying

“Wait… I can see what is going on without being there?”

Copper Door Restaurant

Corporate Office

10 Restaurants

“Katalyst is a diamond in the rough. All these companies come in and tell you what they are going to do and never do it. Katalyst sets your expectations correctly and follows through.”

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“The analysis Katalyst provided me literally saved me thousands of dollars and I would have never noticed any of it unless the team at Katalyst brought it to my attention”


Marc Olivadesa

General Manager

Restaurant Solutions in Maine

Our POS system can be used in fine dining dining rooms or food truck lots. The agility this system provides makes it a crucial tool for restauranteurs, regardless of business type. Our POS is designed to be the solution for all restaurant types in the industry.

Credit Card & Payment Processing

Credit card processing is a tool that is essential to accepting payments and driving revenue in the restaurant industry. Safe, secure, and fast, our payment processing is top-of-the-line and ensures that you can focus on the food while we take care of the background work.


What is a merchant service provider?

“Merchant Services” are the financial services that allow businesses to accept and process payments from customers. These services make transactions in-person and online possible and offer a layer of security that protects both the business and the guest. From mom-and-pop restaurants to Fortune 500 food companies, merchant services are essential in doing business.

What are merchant service examples?

Katalyst OS is, of course, an example, and in our humble (and biased) opinion, one of the best on the market. Our technology not only accepts credit card payments  and credit card processing, but it also allows for services like online ordering, reservation creation, data management, and other business solutions that provide a solution that will take your restaurant to the next level.

What are the hardware costs?

Costs begin at $650 per station and $820+  per handheld device. Prices may vary on features and add-ons, but we believe that our product is leading the industry when it comes to functional POS systems. 

Are there monthly Service Costs?

Monthly fees start at $70 per station or handheld device. This fee allows us to keep your software up to date, and is very competitive against many POS systems on the market.  It enables you to continuously update your complete POS solution and gives you peace of mind that all credit card information that enters your merchant account is secure.

Areas We Serve Around Maine

We offer a number of services for merchants in the entire state of Maine. Here are a few of the larger areas we service:
South Portland
Presque Isle