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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers

Browse our FAQ section for quick answers to common questions about our offerings. From product details to troubleshooting, find the information you need to optimize your experience.

What features does the POS offer?

Our POS system optimizes business operations and customer experiences with features like reporting, payment processing, reservations, table management, gift cards, and a loyalty program. Elevate your efficiency and engagement seamlessly.

What payment methods are supported by your POS system?

Enable convenient and secure transactions with our POS system, supporting diverse payment methods such as cash, cards, mobile payments (e.g., Apple Pay, Google Pay), and NFC-based contactless options. Elevate customer experience and offer flexibility through seamless gift card payment processing.

How user-friendly is the POS system for both staff and customers?

Prioritizing ease of use, our POS system ensures a seamless experience for staff and customers. Its intuitive interface streamlines staff tasks and offers customers a swift, guided checkout, enhancing efficiency and satisfaction.

Can Katalyst integrate with other software?

Enhance operational efficiency through our POS system's seamless integrations with e-commerce, payments, accounting, and more, enabling synchronized data flow for streamlined business management.

Does your POS system provide sales reporting and analytics?

Unlock comprehensive business insights with our POS system's robust sales reporting and analytics. Beyond tracking key metrics and trends, harness customizable features to analyze product performance, customer behavior, and more—empowering data-driven decisions for holistic business growth.

Can the POS system accommodate multiple locations or branches?

Our POS system easily handles multi-location setups, centralizing inventory, sales, and reporting. Seamlessly sync data across branches for streamlined operations and comprehensive enterprise management.