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Crafted by restaurant owners, our intuitive POS system optimizes operations, elevates customer experiences, and empowers your business.

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At Katalyst, we present a streamlined and effective POS solution designed to revolutionize your restaurant. Below, you will see our seamless process for becoming a committed member of our community!

1. Join the Katalyst Community

Connect with like-minded business owners and unlock new possibilities for success.

2. Begin Onboarding

At Katalyst, we make onboarding a breeze. Our dedicated team will handle the account setup process for you, ensuring a smooth transition to our powerful POS system.

3. Training

Equip your team with top-notch training from our experts, ensuring they excel with our powerful POS system.

4. Install & Go - Live

Experience hassle-free installation and a seamless go-live process with Katalyst. Our dedicated support team will have you up and running in no time.

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