Merchant Services Rhode Island

Rhode Island Merchant Services
Merchant Services companies in Rhode Island are the businesses that work behind the scenes to ensure smooth and efficient financial transactions for other businesses.

Nowadays, select merchant service companies, such as Katalyst OS, offer these financial services, as well as a host of other features designed to elevate your business’s marketing, customer service, and efficiency standards.
  • ✅ Save on avg. 15-20% on credit card processing fees
  • ✅ Save 15-20% on software fees
  • ✅ Consolidated platform built by restaurant owners specifically for restaurants

What Makes Katalyst OS Different in Rhode Island?

Unlike other POS systems that only focus on payment processing, Katalyst is a cost effective one-stop-shop for everything your restaurant or store needs to run smoothly, from table management to order processing to loyalty programs to branded apps.

Whether your brand is in its infancy or your brand has grown to be a Rhode Island staple,  Katalyst OS will bring your business to the next level and will assist you in achieving goal after goal. It includes solutions that help you process credit cards such as visa and mastercard. We also accept all major payment types, including the ability to make sales via various online payments at low rates.

Looking for specifics? Here’s how Katalyst OS compares to other POS systems in the industry:
Katalyst OS
Cloud Point of Sale
Payment Processing
Waitlist & Table Management
Loyalty Program
Gift Card Program
Kitchen Display System
QR code order & pay at table
Online Ordering
Dual Pricing Capable
Branded Mobile App
Self Order Kiosk
Open API
Need more details on our processing solutions? We got you covered:
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Credit, Debit, Cash, or QR Code… Pay Any Way.

We process much more than just credit cards and debit cards. Whether you use a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or something else entirely, Katalyst OS can process it for you. Since customers have unique needs and different preferences for payment, we at Katalyst figured it only makes sense to offer them multiple channels and let guests choose how they’ll pay

Encourage Growth with Flex POS

Katalyst is a POS (Point of Sale) system designed to adapt and evolve with your business. Its flexibility supports expansion to multiple locations, ability for account integration with third-party apps, and adjustments to different business sizes. Unlike traditional POS systems which may only accept credit cards, our Flex POS enables quick and easy integration of new features, so you can manage and grow your business confidently and increase money revenue, regardless of your business type. 

Streamline Kitchen Activities

The kitchen is where your business begins and ends each day. Keep ahead of the rush with our Kitchen Display System. Orders go straight from customer to chef, which streamlines workflow, reduces processing errors and waste, and improves order accuracy.

Online Ordering & In-House Catering

With our online ordering system, Katalyst OS eliminates the middleman entirely and simplifies the order processing. Guests can order delivery, takeout and large party catering all in one spot. 
Our platform also offers a restaurant app builder that custom brands to your restaurant’s look and feel.

Loyalty Pays Off

With Katalyst’s integrated loyalty program, guests earn points each time they dine at your restaurant. The more your customers spend, the more points they accumulate, which can be redeemed for gift cards or freebies that you choose.

We've Got Your Back 24/7/365

Our 24/7 support team will be here to provide assistance to your company and support your journey with Katalyst from first inquiry to installation and beyond.  We are always one tap or phone call away!

What Merchant Services Customers Are Saying...

“Wait… I can see what is going on without being there?”

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“Katalyst is a diamond in the rough. All these companies come in and tell you what they are going to do and never do it. Katalyst sets your expectations correctly and follows through.”

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“The analysis Katalyst provided me literally saved me thousands of dollars and I would have never noticed any of it unless the team at Katalyst brought it to my attention”


Marc Olivadesa

General Manager

Rhode Island Restaurant Solutions

Katalyst POS will fit into all types of dining establishments, from mom and pop shops to nationwide chains that operate all over the country. Our payment processing system goes beyond just food service—any business or store in the hospitality industry can benefit from our efficient and powerful Flex POS solutions that support all major credit cards and debit cards. 

Credit Card & Payment Processing Solutions

Katalyst OS processes all digital transactions and phone payments in a safe, secure manner. This frees up your time to focus on customer experience and provide superior customer service, while we store and secure your customers banking data for you.


What are merchant services?

Merchant services are the financial services that allow businesses to accept and process payments from customers, including debit card, credit card, and all electronic forms of payment. Without the assistance of merchant services and a merchant account, businesses face limited payment options and higher risk of financial error related to payment processing and sales.

What are merchant service examples?

The most well-known example of merchant services is debit and credit card processing. Other examples include reservation and table management, loyalty programs, analytics reports, fraud protection and QR code-based ordering. Conveniently, Katalyst offers all these services and more. 

What are the hardware costs?

Costs begin at $650+ per station and $820+ per handheld device, but they vary depending on which solutions, features and add-ons you choose to include to the merchant account for your company. 

Katalyst OS is proud to offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees and payments, or any cancellation charges. We also provide cost effective monthly financing options, allowing you to save money and customize payment plans to suit and support your restaurant’s needs.

Are there monthly Service Costs?

Yes, monthly service fees allow us to ensure your business is running smoothly with up-to-date technology. Monthly fees start at $70 per station or handheld device. 

Areas We Serve Around Rhode Island

We offer a number of services, different terminal types and processing solutions for merchants in the entire state of RI. Here are a few of the larger areas we service:
East Providence
North Providence
South Kingstown
West Warwick
North Kingstown