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Plug and Play Built in Online Ordering Platform

Step into the digital age of dining convenience with the Katalyst Online Ordering solution. Seamlessly integrated into our comprehensive POS system, this innovative feature empowers restaurants to offer hassle-free online ordering experiences to their customers.

Embrace a new era of culinary convenience as you seamlessly integrate the Katalyst Online Ordering system. Designed to align seamlessly with your existing POS infrastructure, this feature allows customers to place orders from the comfort of their devices. From savory takeout to doorstep delivery, provide a user-friendly platform that caters to modern preferences. Real-time updates and intuitive interfaces ensure smooth operations for both staff and customers.

Experience the transformative power of online convenience, putting your restaurant at your customers' fingertips. Katalyst's solution not only streamlines the ordering process but also opens new avenues for customer engagement. By offering a personalized experience and promoting your offerings digitally, you can increase orders while enhancing customer loyalty. Step into the future of dining – where technology meets culinary delight, and every online order is an opportunity to grow your business and connect with patrons in meaningful ways.