Merchant Services in Colorado

Colorado Merchant Services
Merchant Services companies in Colorado ensure that local businesses’ financial transactions run smoothly. They do this by handling business essentials like payment processing.

We serve all major cities in Colorado, including Denver, Basalt, Louisville and more.
  • ✅ Save on avg. 15-20% on credit card processing fees
  • ✅ Save 15-20% on software fees
  • ✅ Consolidated platform built by restaurant owners specifically for restaurants

What Makes Katalyst OS Different in Colorado?

Many POS systems that serve Colorado-based businesses focus only on payment processing and accepting credit cards. Katalyst OS, on the other hand, is so much more. It’s a comprehensive point-of-sale product designed to make operations run smoothly at your restaurant and goes beyond just handling credit card transactions. We offer everything from online ordering to table management to self-order kiosks. Whether you’re a business owner who is just starting out or you’ve got locations all through Colorado, Katalyst OS will take your business to a new level.

Looking for specifics? Here’s how Katalyst OS compares to other POS systems in the industry:
Katalyst OS
Cloud Point of Sale
Payment Processing
Waitlist & Table Management
Loyalty Program
Gift Card Program
Kitchen Display System
QR code order & pay at table
Online Ordering
Dual Pricing Capable
Branded Mobile App
Self Order Kiosk
Open API
Need more details on our point-of-sale processing solutions? We got you covered:
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Flex POS: Pay Any Way

With Katalyst Flex POS, you’re gaining more than just a standard virtual terminal. Guests can choose to pay through QR code, credit or debit card, self-order kiosks, and more.

Online Ordering in Colorado

Save money and say “so long!” to dozens of delivery apps (and the hiked-up prices that come with them). By eliminating the middleman, our online ordering system allows guests access to takeout and large party catering all in one place, at competitive rates and without any hidden fees.

Plus, our platform includes a restaurant app builder that customizes the app to match your restaurant's unique look and feel.

Analytics and Reporting Integrated Into Your Merchant Account

Want to tap into your customers' preferences with detailed analytics and reporting? Dream of understanding how, when, and where they enjoy their meals? With Katalyst POS, from day one, guest information and preferences are securely stored within a merchant account for your benefit. Access merchant data, customize it, and export customer details for personalized marketing campaigns, demand forecasting, and enhanced guest engagement.

Kitchen Display System

Katalyst OS's Kitchen Display System delivers real-time order updates straight to your kitchen staff. This merchant account feature enhances efficiency, food quality, and consistency while reducing costly mistakes.

Colorado Gift Card Loyalty Program

With our integrated gift card loyalty program, diners earn points with every visit to your restaurant. As they spend more, their point balance grows, all seamlessly tracked by our POS system. These points can be redeemed for rewards you select, from gift cards to complimentary items.

Continuous Support

We have no doubt you’ll be a natural navigating our user-friendly POS, but if you ever have any questions, contact our 24/7 Support Team. Our dedicated team of professionals will be by your side to ensure success from first contact to installation and beyond. We’ll walk you through the setup and onboarding process, train your team to use Katalyst technology, and install all devices.

What Are Merchant Services Customers Are Saying

“Wait… I can see what is going on without being there?”

Copper Door Restaurant

Corporate Office

10 Restaurants

“Katalyst is a diamond in the rough. All these companies come in and tell you what they are going to do and never do it. Katalyst sets your expectations correctly and follows through.”

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“The analysis Katalyst provided me literally saved me thousands of dollars and I would have never noticed any of it unless the team at Katalyst brought it to my attention”


Marc Olivadesa

General Manager

Restaurant Solutions

Katalyst POS caters to all hospitality ventures and integrates smoothly into your business operations, no matter your restaurant size, price range, or overall vibe. Increase your cash flow and stay ahead of small businesses and competing merchants by accepting various payment options including mobile wallets.

We’re a leading provider of business merchant services integrated within your merchant account that include everything from online ordering to table management to self-order kiosks. We offer low transaction fees and accept payments from all major credit cards at competitive rates.

Credit Card Processing Services & Debit Card Payments

You entered the restaurant business for your passion for food, not to manage credit card payments or run the register. Let us take care of the tedious tasks like credit card processing and integrate them within your merchant account so you can focus on what you love: creating great food and providing an exceptional guest experience.
Our POS system handles all digital transactions and contactless payments, whether debit or credit, securely and efficiently, giving both you and your customers peace of mind.Unlike some competing credit card processing companies, we’re also accepting payments from a mobile device, as well as other forms of contactless payments to ensure customer satisfaction.


What are merchant services?

"Merchant services" encompass the financial services that allow businesses to accept and process customer payments and credit card transactions, using their personal merchant account. This includes processing payments and transactions via debit and credit cards, as well as other forms of electronic payment. No matter the size of your company, merchant services are vital for ensuring smooth and secure transactions.

What are merchant service examples?

Katalyst OS exemplifies an all-inclusive Colorado merchant services provider. Beyond offering comprehensive payment processing solutions, we also support restaurant reservations, online and catering orders, loyalty programs, app development, and more. All these tools and features will be catered to your specific needs and integrated in your merchant account.

What are the hardware costs?

Costs begin at $650 per station and $820+ per handheld device, but they vary depending on which features and add-ons you choose. 

Are there monthly Service Costs?

Monthly fees start at $70 per station or handheld device. 

Areas We Serve Around Colorado

We offer a number of services for merchants in the entire state of CO. Including Denver, Louisville, Basalt and more:
Colorado Springs
Fort Collins