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Self - Order Kiosk

Embrace the future of dining experiences with the Katalyst Self-Order Kiosk solution. Seamlessly integrated into our comprehensive POS system, this innovative feature empowers restaurants to revolutionize the way customers place their orders.

Step into a new era of interactive dining as you seamlessly integrate the Katalyst Self-Order Kiosk. Designed to align perfectly with your existing POS infrastructure, this kiosk offers customers a hands-on experience to customize their orders. From quick-service to fine dining, provide an engaging platform that caters to modern preferences. Real-time updates and user-friendly interfaces ensure a smooth and enjoyable ordering process for all.

Experience the transformative power of self-service convenience. The Katalyst Self-Order Kiosk not only streamlines the ordering process but also opens up new possibilities for customization and upselling. By allowing customers to explore your menu, personalize their choices, and discover add-ons, you can increase sales while enhancing overall satisfaction. Step into the future of dining interactions – where technology enhances hospitality, and every self-order kiosk becomes an opportunity to exceed expectations and drive revenue.