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Mobile Order & Pay
Mobile Order and Pay

Immerse your restaurant in the world of seamless mobile dining with the Katalyst Mobile Order and Pay solution. Fully integrated into our comprehensive POS system, this cutting-edge feature revolutionizes the dining experience while offering convenient TXT2PAY options, allowing patrons to pay effortlessly through text messages.

Embrace a new era of dining convenience as you seamlessly integrate the Katalyst Mobile Order and Pay system. Designed to harmonize with your existing POS infrastructure, this feature allows customers to browse menus, place orders, and pay – all from their mobile devices. From quick service to upscale dining, provide a personalized experience that caters to modern preferences. Real-time updates and user-friendly interfaces guarantee smooth operations for both staff and patrons.

Experience the next level of convenience with TXT2PAY, putting the power of payment in your customers' hands. Our solution allows diners to settle their bills through simple text messages, enhancing efficiency and reducing wait times. Alongside this innovation, Katalyst empowers you to save on operational costs and enhance customer satisfaction. Step into the future of mobile dining – where technology meets comfort, and every order is an opportunity to exceed expectations while embracing new cost-saving approaches.