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Ultimate Flex POS

Katalyst POS is a versatile and user-friendly point-of-sale system designed to cater to various business types. Its customizable features and intuitive interface make it easy for businesses to adapt and streamline their operations effectively.

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Native Reservations

Katalyst POS seamlessly integrates with reservation-based businesses', offering a versatile and user-friendly point-of-sale solution. With its customizable features and intuitive interface, it empowers Native businesses to efficiently manage sales, inventory, and customer service within their reservation communities.

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In House Catering

Katalyst POS provides seamless in-house catering functionalities, allowing restauranteurs in the industry to efficiently manage and process catering orders through the Katalyst system. With easy order tracking and menu customization, businesses can ensure a smooth and successful catering experience for their customers.

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Kitchen Display System

Katalyst POS offers a Kitchen Display System (KDS) that enhances kitchen efficiency and communication. The KDS integrates directly with the POS, displaying real-time order information, reducing order errors, and improving overall kitchen workflow, resulting in faster and more accurate order preparation

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Native Gift Card & Loyalty

With Katalyst POS, restaurants can implement native gift card and loyalty programs seamlessly. The system supports custom-branded gift cards and enables the creation of loyalty programs tailored to the unique needs of your restaurant, fostering customer loyalty and boosting revenue within the community.

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Katalyst Payments offers cost-effective payment processing solutions that save merchants money. With transparent pricing, innovative technology, and top-notch support, we streamline transactions, empowering businesses to thrive and grow.

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Mobile Order & Pay

Experience the future of dining with Katalyst's Mobile Order & Pay feature. Our innovative platform generates QR codes seamlessly, enabling customers to order and pay directly from their smartphones. Say goodbye to long wait times and enhance the dining experience with this convenient and contactless solution.

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Enterprise Management

Effortlessly oversee multiple locations and streamline operations with Katalyst's Enterprise Management & Multi-Location Management capabilities. Gain valuable insights and enhance productivity across your entire enterprise with our comprehensive tools. Say goodbye to the hardcopies with our system.

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Online Ordering

Enhance customer convenience with Katalyst's Native Online Ordering feature. Seamlessly integrated into the platform, it allows customers to place orders directly from your website or app, boosting sales and simplifying the ordering process. So simple that your customers will never see a difference from one to another.

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Branded Mobile App

Stand out in the digital landscape with Katalyst's Branded Mobile App. Tailored to your brand identity, this feature enables you to deliver a personalized and seamless experience to your customers, fostering loyalty and increasing repeat business. With a user-friendly interface and powerful functionality, your app becomes a powerful marketing tool, enhancing your business's visibility and solidifying your position as a leader in the industry.

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Self-Order Kiosk

Introducing our latest innovation - the Self Order Kiosk by Katalyst. Enhance customer experience and streamline ordering with this cutting-edge solution. Empower your patrons to place their orders independently, while reducing wait times and improving order accuracy. Embrace the future of dining with our user-friendly and customizable Self Order Kiosk, designed to elevate your business and deliver exceptional service.

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