Cole Dillon

Cole Dillon

CXO & Co-Founder

Meet Cole, the CXO and Co-Founder of Katalyst, with extensive restaurant industry experience. His unwavering dedication and product knowledge makes him an invaluable asset.

Introducing Cole, the esteemed CXO and Co-Founder of Katalyst, who brings extensive experience and expertise from the restaurant industry. From the very beginning of Katalyst's journey, Cole has been an integral part of the team, contributing his invaluable insights and unwavering dedication.

As a co-founder, Cole's commitment to the company's mission runs deep, and his profound knowledge of the product is akin to knowing it like his own creation. His hands-on involvement in the development and evolution of Katalyst's POS system ensures that every aspect aligns with the needs and demands of the restaurant industry.

Cole's role as CXO is pivotal in fostering strong relationships with our clients. He takes personal responsibility for overseeing the onboarding and training processes, ensuring that our valued merchants receive top-notch support and guidance. His attentive and empathetic approach helps businesses seamlessly integrate the Katalyst platform into their operations, maximizing its potential for success.

Beyond his internal responsibilities, Cole plays a significant role in liaising with the product team. His close collaboration ensures that customer feedback is at the heart of every enhancement, making Katalyst a truly customer-centric solution.

Thanks to Cole's remarkable contributions, Katalyst stands as a trailblazing POS system that addresses the unique challenges of the restaurant industry with unparalleled efficiency and innovation. His passion for empowering businesses shines through in every interaction, making him a cherished asset to both our company and our esteemed merchants.

With Cole's expertise and dedication guiding the way, Katalyst continues to forge new paths in the industry, providing exceptional solutions and transforming the landscape of restaurant management. His unwavering commitment to our clients and the success of their businesses is a testament to his role as an invaluable driving force behind Katalyst's achievements.